How Google Protects Your Information: Part 2 (From the mouth of Google)

A Protected and Dependable Infrastructure

At Google, we work endless to maintain your details risk-free. Google uses greater than 400 full-time specialists working to secure your data, including some of the country’s leading professionals in computer safety.

Google spends millions of bucks in our innovation and puts safety and security protections right into our items. Here are a few examples of just how protection and dependability are the basis of what we believe:

– Google runs its information facilities using customized equipment. Each of these systems has been maximized for protection and efficiency. Considering that Google controls all the equipment, we are able to swiftly respond to any type of hazard that might arise.

– Google’s application and network style is created for optimum dependability. Data is dispersed across Google’s web servers and information facilities. If a device falls short or perhaps an entire information center fails, your information will certainly still be accessible. Google also runs information centers around the earth to keep the companies you utilize running 7 days a week.

– – Google Apps offers an over 90% company level contract, and in recent years, we have actually exceeded this pledge. Lately, Gmail accomplished over 90% availability. Additionally, Google Apps doesn’t have any set downtime or time it goes down due to maintenance. Unlike many companies, we do not prepare for our apps to be not available, even when we’re upgrading our services or preserving our systems.

– – Google items are looked at by personal privacy, safety and conformity experts throughout the product lifecycle. This assists make sure that information is dealt with suitably and no one that is not supposed to can gain access to your information.

– – Administrators could choose to receive alerts when issues take place, such as suspicious login attempts, or service setting adjustments by other managers.

– – Google is continuously working to prolong and enhance encryption across even more companies and web links.

EU Data Personal Privacy

The Article 29 Working Party is an independent European advisory body concentrated on data defense and privacy. They have provided support to us at Google on the best ways to fulfill European information privacy requirements when involving with cloud computing companies. More than 40% of our business customers are based beyond the United States.